Sunday, July 22, 2012

No Aishwarya News its only Aaradhya update

Yes now a days you won't get any news of Aishwarya its only Aaradhya everywhere. Media people are trying to get a small glimpse of her through any angel. Above all tweets from Sir Amitabh and Abhishek is like adding ghee to fire.

Latest news about the Aaradhya is that she got ear piercing (as per grandmother - Jaya Bachchan). Yes and every blog and website which talk about the Aishwarya is publishing this news.

There are no chances that we will get a look of Aaradhya, so in the mean time keep reading about Aaradhya from her granparents and papa Abhishek.

Recently there are 3 bollywood actresses who blessed with the motherhood - Shilpa, Aishwarya and Lara, but however all are running behind Aish and Abhi baby.

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