Saturday, April 9, 2011

Aishwarya rai in dhoom 2

Dhoom 2 was one of the best glamour role of Aish

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Aishwarya rai in dhoom 2 and her recognition

Aishwarya Rai a national as well as international diva of all time has gained success and love through her fans in every aspect of her journey with films and entertainment. Aishwarya’s career in Bollywood started in 1997 with “Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya”but after giving 9 years in Bollywood she only managed to give one or two hits. In the year 2005 her graph was more in down strike until the release of Dhoom 2 in 2006. The appearance of Aishwarya rai in Dhoom 2 was like the come back of her career. Made under Yashraj banner Dhoom 2 was the multi starrer movie with the presence of sizzling pairing of Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai.
Aishwarya rai in Dhoom 2 made the movie talk of the town. With the initial previews only people got amazed by the look she carried in the movie. Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom 2 not only managed a completely toned body but her glamorous and sexy ascent stormed the whole Bollywood. The pairing of Aishwarya Rai with Hrithik sizzled like anything and what gave this chemistry more fire was the kissing scene of Aish and Hrithik in the movie. The performance of Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom 2 was praised all over but it was surely not praiseful for Bachchan’s. Whole family of Bachchan clearly showed their disappointments about the initimate scene however the biggest shock was to Abhishek, who soon going to be Aishwarys’s hubby didn’t knew anything about the kissing part of the film. It took time for Bachchan’s to grasp but the matter soon settled and gave the movie more points to talk.

Aishwarya Rai in Crazy Kiya Re Song from Dhoom 2

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Aishwarya Rai Kiss in Dhoom 2

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