Saturday, June 18, 2011

Aishwarya rai latest photos at French Derby

Aishwarya Rai Latest Photos from France Horse Racing

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been struggling with weight issues since the time she gained weight for her role in the movie Guzaarish. The extras on her waist have also made her minimum in choices of clothing making her style impression low with every passing event.

This 37 year old beauty created a storm of disappointment in the hearts of every fan, blogger, fashion experts and critics in an event in France where Aish wore a peach colored flowing day dress with a cape styled jacket that instead of hiding her bulges, highlighted them. The dress had no curves and the color also made her look older than she is.

Many fashion blogs came straight to comment about her looks which was though not pleasant but if Aishwarya takes it as an alarm it would work for her. Some of the comments posted views related to her weight gain and how her even few kg gains become instantly visible on her arms, face and legs.

Many fashion experts also were upset about the way her outfit in France event was matched because, the look of the dress didn’t suit the hat she carried with it. The styling in France was not put together well because Aishwarya have been in western silhouettes before and looked absolutely fabulous and stunning, but this year the main reason behind Aish being caught by fashion critics every time is her few extra pounds that has been hindering her grace to shine which we are sure she would shed soon.

Stylist Rin Jajo also pointed out her wrong choices in gowns and dresses in Cannes festival 2011, where her gown gave her more width instead of some cloaking. However Aish’s representatives gave some explanation regarding the dress in France as well as her weight issues which according to them is some false gossip and rumor.

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Aishwarya Rai Photos at French Derby

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